Vodafone Qatar Q.S.C. Initial Public Offering now closed

Doha, Qatar, 26 April 2009:  The Initial Public Offering ("IPO") subscription period for Vodafone Qatar Q.S.C. ("Vodafone Qatar") closed today at 1pm. 

40% of Vodafone Qatar was made available to Qatari nationals and Institutional Investors under the terms of the IPO, prior to its formal listing on the Doha Securities Market ("DSM").

Vodafone Qatar CEO, Graham Maher commented: "We've had overwhelming public support for this IPO, and throughout our early days of operation.  Now that the IPO is concluded we're looking forward to concentrating our efforts on building a successful network and making a world of difference for people in Qatar."

Full details of how the IPO was subscribed will be communicated in due course, as a full assessment of the subscription levels is currently in process.

Successful applicants will be contacted about their allotment of shares by 10 May 2009, with any refunds to be returned by the same date.

Further information about the IPO which includes details on the allotment process can be found at: www.vodafone.com.qa


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