Vodafone Qatar Q.S.C. Initial Public Offering Closes Soon - Only a few more days to "Share Our World"

Doha, Qatar, 23 April 2009: Qatari nationals and Institutional Investors only have four (4) more days to become shareholders in the Vodafone Qatar Q.S.C. (“Vodafone Qatar”) Initial Public Offering (“IPO”). Subscription for the Vodafone Qatar IPO will end on Sunday 26 April, 2009 at 1pm.

Commenting on the progress of the IPO, Vodafone Qatar CEO Grahame Maher said: “This has been an exciting time for us at Vodafone. We have seen a very strong response to the IPO since its launch and the volume of individual subscribers has doubled since last Sunday evening.   We are seeing subscriptions levels increase dramatically as we approach the close of the subscription period on Sunday 26th and I continue to be very confident that we will achieve our objectives.  We maintain this is the right time to come to the market and that Qataris are eager to be a part of this exciting opportunity to Share our world.  The IPO has created much awareness for Vodafone Qatar and we look forward to seeing the IPO close strongly next week.”

Some branches of participating receiving banks are open over the weekend and up until the subscription deadline of 1pm on Sunday 26 April.

The details of Vodafone Qatar’s IPO include:

  • The IPO consists of 338,160,000 ordinary shares (“the Offer Shares”), representing 40 per cent of Vodafone Qatar’s authorised share capital.
  • The share price is QAR10 per Offer Share, with additional offering costs of QAR0.25 per Offer Share.
  • Only Qatari nationals (“Individual Investors”) and registered Qatari institutions and companies, that are 100% Qatari owned (“Institutional Investors”) can apply for Offer Shares in the IPO.
  • Allocation will be based on Individual Investors orders being allocated up to the first 2,500 Offer Shares of their order; with Institutional Investors being allocated up to the first 2,500 Offer Shares of their order thereafter. Following that process all orders will be filled on a pro rata basis.
  • Individual Investors will be able to apply for a minimum subscription of 250 Offer Shares with multiples of 50 Offer Shares thereafter. The maximum subscription of Offer Shares by an Individual Investor is 1,690,800 Offer Shares.
  • Institutional Investors will be able to apply for a minimum subscription of 25,000 Offer Shares with multiples of 500 Offer Shares thereafter. The maximum subscription by an Institutional Investor is 1,690,800 Offer Shares.
  • International investors will be able to buy Vodafone Qatar shares on the open market once it is listed on the Doha Securities Market after the IPO.
  • HSBC Bank Middle East Limited and Qatar National Bank S.A.Q. are acting as Joint Financial Advisers, Joint Lead Managers and Joint Lead Receiving Banks.

Individual Investors & Institutional Investors can obtain a Prospectus and subscribe for Offer Shares in Vodafone Qatar by visiting any of the following participating receiving banks:

1.Qatar National Bank S.A.Q.

2.HSBC Bank Middle East Limited

3.International Islamic Bank Q.S.C.

4.Masraf Al Rayan Q.S.C.

5.Commercial Bank of Qatar Q.S.C.

6.Al-Ahli Bank Q.S.C.

7.Doha Bank Q.S.C.

8.International Bank of Qatar Q.S.C.

9.Qatar Islamic Bank S.A.Q

10.Arab Bank plc.

11.Mashreq Bank P.S.C.

12.Al Khalij Commercial Bank Q.S.C.


- Completed subscription forms need to be submitted to one of the receiving banks by no later than 1pm on Sunday 26 April 2009.

- Full payment for shares (including the Offering costs) will be required upon submission of subscription forms. Payment must be made by direct debit from funds held on account with any one of the receiving banks to “Vodafone Qatar - Initial Public Offering”. Payment may only be made by direct debit authorisation from accounts with any of the receiving banks. Cheques will not be accepted.

- Any parties wishing to purchase shares on behalf of another person must provide a duly notarized power of attorney, annexed to the subscription form.

Further information about the IPO can be found at: www.vodafone.com.qa


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