Vodafone Qatar Proud To Sponsor Second Season Of Brain Hunt

7 March 2011:  Vodafone Qatar announced that it will again proudly be the main sponsor of this year's inter-school quiz competition, Brain Hunt.  The world-class quiz contest, which will begin the 1st of April, will bring hundreds of local high-school students together for some intense, yet friendly, competition.

"We are thrilled to be sponsoring the second season of Brain Hunt," said Cindy Moussa, Head of Consumer Marketing at Vodafone. "We are certain that the Qatar edition of the Vodafone Brain Hunt will inspire, motivate and nurture young talent all over the country."

 The Doha-based quiz is open to students from the ninth grade onwards at Qatari high schools; each school can nominate from 15 to 20 teams, based on their strengths. Last year's contest drew between 250 and 300 students and this year we expect to double the number of students.The competitors will compete for a range of prizes by answering questions pulled from a range of subjects.

The top six final teams will compete in the final that is scheduled for the 19th of April. The final will consist of six rounds:  a challenge round (featuring questions on diverse subjects), newsmakers   (identifying personalities from audio and visual  clues), fun and games  (based on common sense), facts and figures, "spot the right"  (focussing on IT and intelligent quotient), and a buzzer round (consisting of ten questions to be answered by each team in thirty seconds).

"Brain Hunt was created to celebrate the talent of young people in Qatar, and foster a learning culture.  It does so in a way which is fun and engaging for all of its participants," added Cindy Moussa. "We look forward to this year's competition, and expect to be as successful, if not more, than last year's Brain Hunt."





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