Vodafone Qatar Promotes A Csr Community

23 February 2011:  As part of its commitment to lead activities that enhance corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Qatar, Vodafone Qatar invited all its CSR partners to discuss creating an informal and active community of CSR experts and organisations willing to cooperate on projects and exchanging ideas.

Under the ‘Better World' banner, Vodafone's corporate responsibility programme, the meeting was attended by representatives of Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar Airways, Bloomsbury QF Publishing, QF Radio, Think Pink, and project managers of four charitable initiatives currently supported by Vodafone under the ‘World of Difference' programme.

"When it comes to corporate social responsibility, it is much more effective for different organisations to share ideas, expertise, and projects for the greater common good," said Luisa Gentile, Head of CSR at Vodafone Qatar.

"Topics such as sustainability and community volunteerism are areas where ‘trade secrets' don't make much sense.  Vodafone is  happy to be the catalyst for different organisations  working together."
Some topics discussed included how to use mobile technology to help the local community, the barriers to building sustainable charitable initiatives in Qatar, and the need to create a comprehensive database of local volunteers that is shared between local organisations.

"The ‘Better World' strategy meeting did not only model transparency and inclusion to their new and existing partners, but it also created a space for local companies, NGOs and budding entrepreneurs to share ideas, showcase their work and gather around new possibilities," said Alberta Stevens, Head of ROTA. "It is no wonder that more and more institutions are lining up to partner with Vodafone."

The start of Vodafone Qatar's CSR initiatives began at the onset of the company's launch of commercial services in 2009. CSR has been an integral part of the company's mission and strategy, shaping how they conduct business every day.

Vodafone will organise a ‘Better World' meeting every quarter, with the next one scheduled for May 2011.  For more information and how to get involved, please write to VFQA.BetterWorld@vodafone.com.




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