Vodafone Qatar Participates In CSR Conference


1 October 2010: Vodafone Qatar revealed that corporate social responsibility is an integral part of the company's mission and strategy, shaping how they conduct business everyday. Vodafone's CEO Grahame Maher showcased Vodafone's CSR strategy at the 2nd Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility which took place at The Four Seasons Hotel on 28 September. 

Organised by the Qatar Ministry of Business and Trade under the patronage of the Minister of Business and Trade H.E Sheikh Jassem bin Abdulaziz bin Jassem Al Thani, the conference aimed to lay the foundations to apply the principles of social responsibility to Qatari companies, as well as developing recommendations to implement these standards locally.

"The world is a big place and each of us has an important role to play in shaping what kind of world we live in. Vodafone Qatar's market position as an innovator and leader brings with it a responsibility to conduct our business in an exemplary manner.  We are committed to using our position as a business leader to help build stronger communities, while accepting the challenge as individuals for each and every one of us to lead by example," said Grahame Maher, CEO, Vodafone Qatar.

"At Vodafone Qatar we believe that being a responsible company lies at the very heart of our purpose to make a world of difference for all people in Qatar.  Corporate responsibility goes beyond just making money. It is about helping those less fortunate, using resources wisely and acting with honesty and integrity," says Vodafone Qatar Head of Corporate Responsibility, Luisa Gentile.

"Vodafone's approach to CSR is guided by Qatar's National Vision 2030 which aims to positively impact Qatar's economy, society and natural environment," continued Luisa Gentile.   

Vodafone Qatar has launched several corporate responsible initiatives since it launched commercial services in 2009:

At the beginning of 2010, Vodafone Qatar commissioned the first hybrid powered Base Station in Qatar which uses a combination of solar and wind energy to provide enough power to be self-sufficient. This is the latest in a long line of green initiatives from Vodafone Qatar: in February 2010 Vodafone launched the first Mobile recycling programme in all its retail stores, and in April started recycling all unused posters, flyers and brochures when they became obsolete at the end of promotions. In May, Vodafone launched environmentally friendly SIM packs made of 100% recyclable material and other eco-friendly Vodafone materials include biodegradable scratch cards, which have been used by Vodafone since it launched prepaid services in September 2009.

It doesn't stop there, Vodafone's World of Difference, the flagship programme of the Vodafone Qatar Charitable Fund, has given four passionate people the opportunity to work for a local cause of their choice with their costs paid by Vodafone for one full year. In addition, Vodafone has signed partnership agreements with Reach Out to Asia (ROTA), Qatar Charity and the Qatar Red Crescent to work together to create and implement charitable and socially beneficial initiatives.






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