Vodafone Qatar Launches More Environment Protection Initiatives

July 6, 2010: As part of its commitment to lead activities that nurture and protect the environment, Vodafone Qatar has launched two new environment protection initiatives across all its retail stores in the form of ‘Reload & Recycle Bins' and  ‘Energy Saving' stickers.

The ‘Reload & Recycle' bins will collect customers used recharge cards which will then be recycled for re-use in the future.

In addition, customers that make a purchase at a Vodafone store will be given an ‘Energy Saving' sticker that says TURN ME OFF! These stickers will remind customers to switch off their electrical devices when not in use in the aim to save electricity, the world's vital source of energy.

"We take protecting the environment, specifically the aim to make Qatar a greener country, very seriously. Vodafone retail has taken several steps to respect the environment and we're confident that with time and commitment these initiatives will make a world of difference for all the people in Qatar," said Hesham Aly, Commercial Manager of Vodafone Qatar's Retail.

The bins and stickers will now be added to the list of many Green initiatives Vodafone Qatar has undertaken. In May, Vodafone launched environmentally friendly SIM packs made of 100% recyclable material. Other eco-friendly Vodafone materials include biodegradable scratch cards, which have been used by Vodafone since it launched prepaid services in September 2009.  Also in February this year, Vodafone launched the first Mobile recycling programme in all its retail stores, and in April Vodafone started recycling all unused posters, flyers and brochures that become obsolete at the end of promotions.



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