Vodafone Qatar Launches Graduate Programme

1 April 2010:  Vodafone Qatar has introduced a unique development programme for recent graduates which brings them hands-on experience in a variety of different areas of Vodafone Qatar's business and develops their core professional skills. 

The programme was officially introduced 24 March 2010 at the 4th Annual Professional Day held by Carnegie Mellon University, under the auspices of Michael Portz, Vodafone Qatar's Chief Marketing Officer. 

"Part of what makes Vodafone Qatar's Graduate Programme so effective is the use of a ‘blended learning strategy' , where each graduate takes responsibility for their own development," says Amro Rashad, Vodafone Qatar's Head of Recruitment and Development. 

As part of Vodafone's Graduate programme, students will have the opportunity to lead a series of three ‘real-time' projects throughout the course of the year with actual application and impact on the business at Vodafone Qatar.  One of the projects, Mr. Rashad says, must be in a customer-facing capacity, whether through Retail, Customer Care, Business Sales or Field Sales. 

As for the remaining two projects, these should be from widely different functions or departments in order to give the student a rounded picture of how the business is run.  The completion of the projects will culminate in an event organised by the student.

In addition to the opportunity to lead projects, students participating in Vodafone Qatar's graduate program will be assigned a mentor for the development year, who will act as both a sponsor and a coach for the graduate.

"The programme is reflective of the blended approach Vodafone Qatar takes to the development of its full-time employees," said Jan Mottram, Chief People Officer at Vodafone Qatar.  "As a centre for talent development, we guide our employees using one-to-one coaching and mentoring as well as an extensive series of cutting-edge development workshops."

Among the development workshops in which graduate programme candidates will participate are ‘learning interventions' designed to cultivate self insight, time management, presentation skills, impact and influence, and line management capabilities, Ms. Mottram says.

Participants also have access to the "Global Graduate Toolkit", an exclusive on-line database for participants in similar graduate programmes across the entire Vodafone Group.

"Part of what makes Vodafone Qatar such an exciting company is that it is committed to building a truly hot team," Ms. Mottram added.  "Tapping into global resources, and being serious about the growth of our people, is how we make a world of difference for all people in Qatar."



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