Vodafone Qatar Launches Environmentally Friendly


05 August, 2010: Vodafone Qatar has launched new environmentally friendly Flexi 20 recharge cards which are half the size of the former Flexi 20 recharge cards, decreasing paper waste by half.

More so, the new Flexi 20 recharge cards are easier to transport and require less room to store, all this contributing to the reduction of Vodafone's carbon footprint. And as with all Vodafone Qatar recharge cards denominations, the new Flexi 20' are made of recyclable materials.

As well as being environmentally friendly, the new Flexi are also efficient and practical.  The new Flexi 20's come in a set of 2 which customers can buy two once but use one and save the other one for later and unlike typical multipin recharge cards that are difficult to detach, these are themed like a sim card which makes them easy to separate apart safely.

"At Vodafone Qatar, we are always trying to develop products that respect the environment and which aim to make Qatar a greener country that will with time and commitment make a world of difference for all the people in Qatar," said Phil Worsley, Head of Operations at Vodafone Qatar.



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