01 March 2012: Vodafone Qatar announced the launch of 0.facebook.com, the new text mobile site from Facebook.

0.facebook.com includes all the great key features of the standard mobile site, m.facebook.com, and it is optimised for speed. This makes it the fastest version of Facebook ever! What’s even better, all Vodafone customers get to use the 0.facebook.com website for FREE!

The main difference between the previous and the new updated 0.Facebook.com website is that users will have the photos and videos loaded on the website as links to ensure that they don’t slow down the experience. Customers will get quick access to the photos and videos by simply clicking onto the specific photo or video link to view the content they are interested in. A customer’s regular data charges will apply when loading photos and videos.

“We have always tried everything possible to make mobile internet accessible for all our customers. This started with a free 300MB for all customers every month and continued by offering unlimited free Facebook. We are now delighted to launch the new 0.facebook.com and continue with a permanently free Facebook option for all Vodafone customers,” said John Saad, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Qatar.

Customers using 0.facebook.com are in complete control of when they want to view chargeable content. Whenever customers click on a chargeable photo or video link 0.facebook.com will provide a prompt that informs customers standard data charges will apply to view the selected content. The fact that images don’t load automatically makes this the best version of Facebook to use while roaming to manage data usage and costs.

To access this new service, all what Vodafone customers need to do is type 0.facebook.com on their mobile phones web browser. 0.facebook.com can only be accessed via the mobile phones web browsers, not through downloaded mobile phone applications or on BlackBerry handsets.

The launch of the 0.facebook.com will replace the long running Vodafone free Facebook, Maktoob, Orkut, Friendster, and Twitter promotion. Therefore, accessing m.facebook.com, www.facebook.com and other listed sites will be charged standard data rates from the 22nd of March 2012. Until this date images and embedded videos viewed from 0.facebook.com links will continue to be free of charge.




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