Vodafone Qatar Goes Even Greener With Biodegradable Bags

26 February 2011:  In a salute to Qatar Environment Day, Vodafone Qatar announced the introduction of eco-friendly shopping bags in all their retail stores.  The newly-introduced bags are high-quality "biodegradable D2W," meaning that the bags can dissolve and break down naturally without affecting the environment.

"The decision behind the total ban of harmful plastic bags in all our shops was simply to make a world of difference for all people in Qatar and for future generations," said Lorensz Ragell, Head of Retail at Vodafone Qatar. "We use over 15,000 plastic bags in the retail stores every month and this number is growing, so understandably, we were concerned about the long-term environmental impact."

The D2W bags break down naturally at the end of their useful life into a completely different molecular structure. In its final stage, it is no longer a plastic but has become a material which can be assimilated in the environment in the same way as biomatter would.

"We believe in supporting innovative products and services that enable us and our customers to nurture and protect the environment," said Luisa Gentile, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility. "This belief is the core of ‘A Green World', one of the pillars of ‘A Better World,' Vodafone's corporate social responsibility program."

The new eco-friendly bags will be available in all Vodafone retail stores beginning Qatar Environment Day on the 26th of February.

For more information on ‘A Better World', please visit Vodafone Qatar's website at www.vodafone.com.qa or Facebook at www.facebook.com/VFQABetterWorld




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