Vodafone Qatar Celebrates the Holy Month of Ramadan


23 August, 2009:  The holy month of Ramadan is here, it'sa time to celebrate and a time to take part in the giving spirit. Vodafone Qatar is doing just that with several servicesoffered to their customers and activities for the public that will ‘make aworld of difference for all the people in Qatar'.

Ramadan is a time to give back, and with Vodafone'sRamadan Iftar organised by Eid Charity, Vodafone will be hosting an Iftar for freefor 150 people in need every day throughout Ramadan. The daily iftar is locatedat a tent in the Um al Islal Mohamed area next to the Mohamed Bin Kassemmosque.

Afterdark, the celebrations really begin at the W Doha Hotel, where you'll findVodafone's amazing Wonder World Tent, especially set-up for Sohour daily.People can  jump into the exciting newworld of Vodafone and experience the many wonders of the world, fromextraordinary international food to fascinating cultures and top entertainment.  For more information and reservations call theW Doha Hotel on 454 5135.

Andof course, every Vodafone customer will be able to enjoy Vodafone's amazingvalue for money promotions throughout the month of Ramadan. Right now existingcustomers and any new customer that signs up to Vodafone, can call anywhere inthe world at any time of the day or night for the same rate as a local call. Andthat's not all, customers, can send an SMS and MMS to anyone in Qatar onweekends for absolutely free. Also for free, Vodafoneis sending an SMS daily throughout Ramadan to all their customers informingthem of Iftar and Fajr timings.

"TheVodafone team would like to wish everyone a blessed Ramadan. This is a specialtime for people in Qatar and millions of people around the world, and we hopethat our services and activities will make it that extra special for manypeople ," Said Grahame Maher, CEO, Vodafone Qatar

Vodafonewill be announcing several other promotions and exciting new servicesduring  Ramadan so stay tuned!




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