Vodafone Qatar Celebrates 2010 With International Calling, Fireworks, and More!

Doha, 13 January 2010:  Vodafone Qatar is celebrating 2010 with a series of incredible offers, the latest of which is the return of its first international calling promotion.  Vodafone will kick off this celebration with a fireworks display to be held this Saturday, 16 January 2010 at 20:10, or 8:10 pm.

 "In 2009 we kept our customers in touch with loved ones across the world for the price of a local call," said Vodafone CEO Grahame Maher.  "We'd like to say thank you to our customers by doing it again in 2010."

 Vodafone's international calling promotion offers rates of only QR 0.50/min to all international destinations, enabling customers to call anywhere in the world for the price of a local call.  As with the previous international calling promotion, this offer will be available to ALL Vodafone customers - whether they are current customers or new customers, and whether they use Red or Freedom - until 14 February 2010.

 "As a customer-obsessed organisation, we care about what our customers need," said Michael Portz, CMO of Vodafone Qatar.  "And now we're in the great position of knowing exactly what they need, because we've given it to them before."

 Existing customers will have the service activated automatically - all they need to do is go to a Vodafone store or authorised distributor to purchase new Flexi for their account.

 Commenting on the return of Vodafone's flagship offer, however, CEO Maher added, "2010 is the year of Vodafone.  This offer is by no means the biggest thing Qatar can expect from Vodafone in 2010."

 Vodafone will be expected to announce more great offers to come in 2010 as part of its celebration this Saturday.




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