Vodafone Qatar Brings The ‘World Of Difference’ Programme To Life For Its Second Year

21 September 2011:  Under Vodafone's ‘Better World' Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Vodafone successfully continues to bring the ‘World of Difference' programme to life for its second year.  This successful programme has touched the lives of hundreds of people throughout all the great projects it had to offer.

 "The ‘World of Difference' is a unique flagship project for several Vodafone companies across the world and we are proud to bring it to life for the second year here in Qatar. In addition to being the first in Qatar, this is an innovative approach that scores highly versus traditional grant-giving or philanthropy, leading the way to a different way of doing charity -not by simply donating money, but by sustaining people to fulfil their charitable projects for an entire year," said Luisa Gentile, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Vodafone Qatar.

The registration doors to the ‘World of Difference' programme are open once again for the people who are passionate and would like to connect to a local need and to complete a project that will make a sustained difference to the lives of others. Therefore, Vodafone Qatar is giving 4 people the opportunity to receive funding for 12 months to undertake projects to help the community in Qatar.

To sign up for the programme, applicants will need to come up with a project of a Goodwill, such as helping a specific group of people, making a difference to the environment or even having an impact on the local animal life.  In order for the applicants to be completely successful in the project they choose, it has to be relevant to an area they have some experience in or at least have a slight background about.  Since Vodafone is committed to make a world of difference in Qatar, the applicants' year of commitment also needs to take place in Qatar.

"Our first year of ‘World of Difference' has been extremely successful. Of the 400 people who applied last year, we've proudly chosen the final winners Mohammed Kamal, Margaret Gigliotti, Giovanni Espinal and Julie Zawadzki, for their creativity, innovation and contagious enthusiasm.  Their projects ‘See the Other Side', ‘Girls on the Go', ‘Impacting lives', and ‘Languages Bridges' have strongly impacted the lives of many people and changed their lives to the better," said Jan Mottram, Human Resources Director of Vodafone Qatar.

The application process commences on the 21st September 2011 and closes at midnight on 22nd October 2011.  Only one application is permitted per applicant.  Each application will be individually judged according to its humanitarian and charitable merit and practicability of implementation as determined by Vodafone in its sole discretion.

Applicants must complete the required application form found at http://www.vodafone.com.qa/




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