Vodafone Network Enhancements Ongoing To Increase Call Capacity And Quality

29 March 2011: Vodafone Qatar continues to enhance its mobile network to ensure that capacity and quality keep up with the rapid growth in Vodafone's customer numbers.

In the past several weeks, new outdoor cellular sites have been placed in several locations all over the country.  Al Rayyan, Madinat Al Kaban, Wadi Jallal, Al Wakair, and Abu Nakhleh will all benefit from increased capacity and better call quality thanks to the deployment. Equipment upgrades to pre-existing sites in Al Rayan and the New Airport area will provide more local call and data capacity.  Three COW temporary cell sites in northern Qatar, and two COWS in Al Hilal and Al Wukair have been replaced with permanent transmission towers, significantly improving and stabilizing the network call quality in the area.

Furthermore, three sites in rural areas of northern Qatar have been upgraded with the innovative 3G UMTS 900 technlogy, providing unsurpassed 3G indoor and remote area data coverage.

There are now 416 cell sites deployed throughtout the country.

With indoor building solution (IBS) systems in 14 Pearl apartment blocks introduced in the past month, and with the IBS switched on at other key sites throughout the country, a milestone number of 100 IBS sites in Qatar has been reached, with all of these locations getting excellent 2G and 3G coverage.

Enhancements to the mobile network have also been taking place during the last 3 months to provide better mobile services for all customers. Cell availability has been improved after resolving power supply and transmission issues, specifically on our temporary mobile sites.  Additionally, optimization activities are continuously undertaken that have a direct positive impact to the customer with significantly less dropped calls and better call connection success rates.

"Vodafone's network enhancements are ongoing to ensure that our customers get the best service possible," said Jenny Howe, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone. "We do this with the support of numerous parties, including government departments, municipalities, landlords and our partners."

For more information about Vodafone, please visit http://www.vodafone.com.qa/




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