Vodafone Makes Key Upgrades To The Company’s Information Systems And Apologies To Customers For Any Poor Experiences Faced

04 April, 2010: For the past 6 months Vodafone Qatar has been working on a major upgrade called 4.5 which will resolve some of the company's information systems, but most critically, enable Vodafone to bring many new and exciting things to their customers over the coming year. 

Vodafone Qatar released the upgrade last week that caused some issues for a small number of their Online and Freedom customers. Over the past 5 days, Vodafone teams have been working day and night to completely restore all of their systems and databases which resulted in some major interruptions that impacted their customers as well as their teams in Customer Care, retail stores and distribution partners.

With no access to Vodafone Qatar's customer care system which affects the ability to see customer details, it has been difficult for Vodafone's customer care team to help customers with their issues and has not allowed Vodafone to perform to the level that Vodafone and their customers expect.

Commenting on the interruptions experienced by customers, Vodafone Qatar CEO Grahame Maher said, "I want to apologise for any poor experiences that our customers have had over these last few days. Our teams are doing all that they can to help and support our customers. We thank our valued customers for their patience and wish to assure them that this upgrade in the company's information systems will soon allow us to ‘make a world of difference' for them"

"The great news is that as of this morning, we are up and running on live systems and are updating everything onto the system gradually to make sure the system copes with the load of extra users," continued Grahame Maher.

For further information or if customers need any assistance, they can call the Vodafone customer service centre at 111 from their Vodafone mobile or 8007111 from any other phone. 



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