Vodafone Listens To Its Customers

Doha 22 February, 2009: Vodafone has received feedback from their customers that the ticket price of QR 2000 to attend Vodafone's Star number auction on the 1st of March was too expensive.

Vodafone has listened to their valued customers, and acted fast to change the ticket price to QR 500. Because the proceeds are going to Reach Out to Asia (ROTA), Vodafone's only goal is to have as many people attend this wonderful event as possible to raise as much money as they can for such a worthy charity.

At this exclusive event Vodafone will auction off the reservation rights to 40 of the most desirable numbers, including the number 7771777 which was especially chosen by Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton.

The event promises to be the most exciting event of the year, with fantastic international performers and musicians set to light up the stage. Performances by multi-million- selling string quartet Bond and the stunning kinetic painter Norman Perryman are some of the few surprises that await the guests, not to mention the fine food that will be served throughout the evening.

Other Star numbers include 7878787, 7111117, 7888887, 7111111, 7999999 and 7272727. A full list of all Star Numbers that will be auctioned on the night are listed on Vodafone's website www.vodafone.com.qa.

The Star Numbers auction event will be held at the Sharq Village and Spa starting at 7pm.

Only 500 tickets are available to attend this event Tickets can be purchased from now until the 27th of February at Al Sharq reception from 10am to 10pm.


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