Vodafone launches new innovative mobile stores

6 September, 2009: Vodafone Qatar has launched two new innovativemobile stores which will sell all Vodafone products and services.

The mobile stores which scream vitality reflective of the Vodafone brandwill travel across the country selling all Vodafone's products, includingFreedom, Flexi, Red, Vodafone exclusive handsets and Vodafone Mercedes McLarenMerchandise.

Vodafone Qatar is thefirst telecom provider to bring mobile stores to Qatar giving customers theconvenience of obtaining Vodafone services at the times they want in thelocations they want.

"These are the most technically advanced mobile retail stores toarrive in Qatar.They will travel across the country giving all people in Qatar thechance to jump into the exciting world of Vodafone," said Daniel Horan,Director of Consumer Business.

If you would love to share the Vodafone world and would like the mobilestores to visit your area please call Vodafone's customer service centre at 111from your Vodafone mobile phone or 800 7111 from any other phone and registeryour interest.



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