Vodafone Launches New Calling Promotion To India

31 May 2011: Vodafone announced a new exciting calling promotion to India.  Customers who reload a Red 35 plan or higher can use their free Vodafone minutes included in the plan to call India. This promotion runs from Wednesday 1 June to Thursday 7 June 2011. 

This means that with each reload customers will receive the following free minutes:

  • Red 35 = 17 free minutes
  • Red 55 = 60 free minutes
  • Red 100= 60 free minutes

"This fantastic new promotion gives our customers another great reason to reload with Vodafone and call their family and friends in India," said Cindy Moussa, Head of Consumer Marketing at Vodafone Qatar.

During the promotion, the free Vodafone minutes can still be used to call family and friends in Qatar on Vodafone in combination to using the minutes to call India. 

At midnight on 7 June, any free minutes customers have remaining will revert to Vodafone family and friends in Qatar minutes only.




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