Vodafone Launches Machine To Machine Business Services

31 May, 2011: Vodafone Qatar has launched another innovation-Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions, giving businesses in Qatar the opportunity to experience new efficiencies.    

Vodafone M2M solutions enable two way communications between machines located anywhere in Qatar.   This all happens without any human intervention and means businesses can get real time information to analyse and act upon.

Vodafone has more than 20 years proven experience in the M2M arena and are the undisputed global leader.   The local M2M team in Qatar is supported by a global operation who is working all around the world to deploy and support M2M solutions.

Some of the ways M2M is currently being used to connect people, devices and systems include:

Fleet management- Used in conjunction with satellite GPS units and location-based services, M2M can provide real-time information such as vehicle location, driver speeds, fuel consumption and employee work time.

Logistics and Tracking- Track assets on the move and report on their environmental factors such as temperature and humidity using dedicated M2M terminals. Use mobile RFID solutions wherever needed to report on inventory and people movements as they happen.

Smart Utilities- Improve energy efficiency, lower operating costs, and meet carbon reduction commitments with smart meters and utility grids.  M2M terminals can also provide up-to-date usage data to consumers - allowing them to track their usage in real time.

"M2M solutions are critical business tool in many industries today.  They give users the data and control they need to transform their business.  They let companies reduce costs, deliver unique customer offerings and even develop new business models and revenue streams," said Luke Longney, Business Marketing Manager, Vodafone Qatar.

Vodafone Business World M2M customers can also work with Vodafone to make use of dedicated M2M SIM chips.  They are ultra compact and built to perform in demanding environments such as extreme temperatures and vibrations.

"In the future, M2M solutions will be an important tool that will enable smart cities across Qatar.  They will provide the intelligence for smart resource consumption and sustainable solutions." said John Tombleson, Acting CEO, Vodafone Qatar.

The new Business World M2M tariff is only QR 25 to get started and then QR 20 each month.  This will get companies setup with a Vodafone SIM card and 50MB of data for each machine each month. 

For further information, visit www.vodafone.com/business or call 110 from a Vodafone mobile or 800 7110 from any other phone.




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