Doha, April 15 2012: Vodafone is bringing a range of new mobile internet products and services to the market as part of their new campaign "If you love the internet, you will love our network".

Vodafone today announced the launch of new Daily, Weekly and Monthly prepaid Internet Packs starting from QR2 only. Just last week Vodafone also announced the launch of new USB bundles and 1GB of data on BlackBerry under the new campaign.

"Our fast and reliable network allows Vodafone customers to enjoy a great internet experience. These great new Daily, Weekly and Monthly internet Packs make sure we have the best options for customers no matter how they use the internet on their phones," said John Saad, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Qatar.

The new Packs mean Vodafone prepaid customers have the best range of Internet Packs to choose from. The new options for customers are:

Get 10MB of data every day for only QR 2 with the Internet Daily Pack 2.

Get 30MB of data every week for only QR 6 with the Internet Weekly Pack 6.

Get 60MB of data every month for only QR 15 with the Internet Monthly Pack 15.

These new options are affordable ways for customers to get just the right amount of data they need on their phones. All the new Packs are easy to get by dialling a simple USSD code directly from a Vodafone mobile.

Once subscribed to the Internet Daily Pack 2 customers will only get their 10MB and pay QR 2 on days when they use internet on their phone. The 10MB is valid until midnight on the day it is issued.

The new Weekly and Monthly Packs will automatically renew each week or month provided customers have enough balance for the purchase and any unused MBs will expire.

In addition to the new Packs the data bundle for the Internet Monthly Pack 50 is increasing from 200MB to 250MB. That’s 50MB more data for the same price of QR 50.

Prepaid Internet Monthly Pack 50 cards can be purchased from any Vodafone Retail Store, selected Partner Store or at Vodafone’s website www.vodafone.qa


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