Vodafone Introduces The Grahame Maher World Of Difference Award Of £100,000 For Social Entrepreneurs

7 July 2011: Under Vodafone's commitment to the World of Difference Programme, the company today launched the Grahame Maher World of Difference Award, in honor to one of Vodafone's most inspiring leaders, Grahame Maher.

All of the 1,500 current and previous World of Difference participants from around the world will be eligible to apply for the award, with one winner being selected each year. The World of Difference Grahame Maher Award winner will receive £100,000 of funding for their charity so they can continue their work.  The award will run for three years from 2011.  The finalists will be flown for a big award ceremony which will be held on the 2nd of November, which will be the anniversary of Grahame Maher's demise.

The Grahame Maher World of Difference Award has been established in memory of Grahame Maher, the late CEO of Vodafone Qatar.  Grahame pioneered the launch of the Vodafone World of Difference programme in New Zealand back in 2002.  He then came to Qatar and successfully entrenched his vision of creating a "World of Difference" in 2008. Grahame Maher was a key figure in the success of Vodafone's worldwide operations before taking up the challenge of developing Qatar's second telecoms service provider.

Today there are twenty Vodafone Foundations running World of Difference programmes across the globe, giving people from all walks of life the opportunity to be paid to work for a charity of their choice, making a real difference to communities and charitable projects at home or abroad. 

"Grahame Maher truly believed that donating time, skills, and knowledge can be more powerful than simply donating money.  Therefore, this award being it a tribute to such an inspirational, humble and visionary leader clearly supports Vodafone's aim and Grahame's belief in creating a better world," said John Tombelson, Acting CEO of Vodafone Qatar.

"It's great to have a world wide award in honor of Grahame as he himself strongly supported holding world wide charity events.  We're happy to be given the privilege by Vodafone group to have the award ceremony held here in Qatar on the anniversary of Grahame's death," said Jenny Maher, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Vodafone Qatar and the wife of Grahame Maher.

For more information on Grahame Maher World of Difference Award, visit www.vodafone.com/grahamemaherawards.




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