Vodafone Introduces Al Johara Women’s Sales Channel

2 February 2011: Vodafone Qatar introduced their new sales channel, Al Johara. This innovation is the first of its kind in Qatar and the region, Al Johara is a team of 21 Qatari women aged between 18 to 53 years that are learning, growing, earning and selling Vodafone's products and services within their communities and traditions.   

Launched in August 2010, the Al Johara women have been undergoing 6 months of training by Vodafone in business skills, office procedures, products and services knowledge, interpersonal and selling skills to set-up their own home based business.

Al Johara was brought to life by Vodafone's late CEO Grahame Maher who wanted to approach Qatarisation and support employment of women in a way that was traditionally and culturally appropriate.

"Al Johara is very much in line with Vodafone's approach to Qatarisation strategy and supports Qatar's 2030 vision in the areas of human development," said Jan Mottram, HR Director, Vodafone Qatar.

Susie Kelt, a 16 year veteran Vodafone employee was asked to set up the Al Johara sales Channel and has been working closely with the women to transform them into successful business women

"Vodafone is extremely proud of Al Johara's success. I am personally so impressed with their tenacity and adaptability. The Al Johara women have all reached or exceeded their sales targets and many of them have already achieved personal goals and milestones they set on the first day of training," said Susie Kelt, Al Johara Manager, Vodafone Qatar.

The Al Johara women have used their new training and income to obtain a driving license, move into a new family home and support their wider family.

2 of the Al Johara women Fatma and Maha described how being part of Al Johara made a huge change to their lives as they have used their Vodafone training to build their own businesses up within their community groups.

To celebrate 6 months of outstanding performance, Vodafone held a graduation ceremony today for its 21 Al Johara women for the successful completion of Module One training.

To learn more about Al Johara or to sign up to be part of Al Johara visit www.vodafone.com.qa.




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