Vodafone Fully Prepared for new Numbering Plan


25 July, 2010: On 28 July 2010, the  new national numbering plan will see mobile and fixed line numbers in Qatar automatically gain an extra digit. Vodafone is fully prepared to implement the new numbering plan and help customers through the change.

During the cutover, Vodafone's core network will remain fully operational, however there are a number of supporting IT systems that need to be updated. Customers will be able to use all services during the cutover including making calls, sending SMS's and roaming, but will not be able to make changes to their accounts from 6pm on 27 July to 3am on 28 July. This means no additional accounts can be opened and no additional services can be added to current accounts. More so from 10 pm on 27 July to 1am on 28 July no recharge of accounts will be possible.

To ensure customers are always able to enjoy Vodafone's services, Vodafone encourages its customers to reload their accounts before 6pm on 27 July.

In addition, because everyone will need to update many of the numbers on their contact list, it's important to remember that the change only affects numbers beginning with 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. To aid customers in updating their contact list, Vodafone has detailed on its website a list of applications and the links to these applications that can be used to make the process of updating contacts lists easier.

Emergency services will still be available on 999 and 112, and the numbers for Vodafone Customer Care, 111 and 800 7111, will also remain the same.

"To comply with ictQATAR's requirement we have made changes to all the supporting systems of the Vodafone Qatar network which have been extensively tested by the systems suppliers and Vodafone. As with any significant change there are unforeseeable circumstances that can impact service. Vodafone is mitigating these impacts by having experts from all over the world supporting this change," said Jenny Howe, Vodafone Qatar's Technology Director.

If customers have any queries or require assistance they should visit any Vodafone store, call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 or  8007111 or go to Vodafone's website http://www.vodafone.com.qa/ for detailed information.




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