Vodafone Engages Carnegie Mellon Students On Csr

18 October 2010: Demonstrating that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a key role in its business strategy, Vodafone Qatar last night participated in a roundtable entitled "Demystifying Corporate Social Responsibility at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar.

Aiming to give Carnegie Mellon students a deeper understanding of CSR and inspire them to take a proactive role in CSR initiatives, the roundtable was attended by students and professors who heard views on Corporate Social Responsibility from the perspective of two major CSR players in Qatar: Vodafone and Qatar Airways.

Sponsored by the Carnegie Mellon Qatar Office of Professional Development and the Office of Personal Development, Carnegie Mellon professor George White moderated the debate led by Ms. Luisa Gentile, Vodafone Qatar's Head of Corporate Responsibility and Captain Chris Shroeder, Qatar Airways' Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment & Fuel Optimization.

"Through this initiative we aim to connect the dots between our priority for CSR as a company and growing interest from university students in corporate sustainability. We would like to encourage more students to take an interest in corporate social responsibility. CSR plays a major role in educating the younger generation about the importance of protecting the environment and the community around them," said Vodafone Qatar's Luisa Gentile.

"We would like students to become aware and accept their responsibilities towards society and the environment.  While the practice and understanding of CSR is still growing in Qatar, the young generation is the one that will make a difference and we want to help them in this process," added Gentile.

"At Carnegie Mellon Qatar we already offer classes in business ethics and society, and our students are actively involved in community outreach programs," said Khadra Dualeh, Director of Professional Development at Carnegie Mellon.. "This lecture by Vodafone and Qatar Airways helped to further underscore to the students the importance of corporate social responsibility, and the lengths to which big corporations in Qatar will go in using their resources to implement programs in the community to create a better world."

At the end of the debate, Vodafone Qatar and Carnegie Mellon Qatar unveiled a new CSR program for Carnegie Mellon students called the Vodafone Community Engagement Program (VCEP). Open to juniors and seniors, VCEP invites students to present a business plan for a CSR project with the winning student having his or her project delivered in cooperation with Vodafone during a summer internship. 





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