Vodafone Dramatically Increases Network Capacity And Quality To Deal With Increased Demand

24 April 2010: Over  the last few weeks Vodafone Qatar has implemented  significant equipment  to enhance network capacity and quality to deal with the continuing growth in customers and calling volume in busy areas. Vodafone's commitment  is to continue to invest to make sure it continually improves  their  customers'  experience.

 An additional 76 Transmission Channels and 49 Radio Cabinets have been installed at existing radio sites to provide Vodafone customers with more capacity. Furthermore, 15 new Base Stations and 1 new Base Station Controller have been deployed in the country's most populated areas of Al Rayyan, Al Khor, Shahaniya, Ras Laffan and the Industrial area, with deployment ongoing in Ras Laffan and the Industrial area.

"In just a year, Vodafone Qatar has undergone the huge task of building a network from scratch which now covers 100% of the population and national geography. We  will continually increase and  improve our network till  we provide  world class service and give our customers a great experience every time they use Vodafone," said Grahame Maher, CEO, Vodafone Qatar

"We thank all the government departments and municipalities who have helped us obtain approvals, permission and access to sites to build our extensive network coverage," continued Grahame Maher. 

Vodafone Qatar continues to innovate and bring new technologies to the region and is  the first in the GCC to deploy the innovative 3G UMTS 900 technology. To date, Vodafone has 377 outdoor sites.  Out of these 377 outdoor sites 120 sites are 3G UMTS 900 enabled, giving customers unmatched  3G indoor and remote area coverage.

In addition to outdoor sites, Vodafone Qatar has 53 In-Building Solutions in key locations across Qatar that are all 2G and 3G enabled. Vodafone is working on increasing the number of indoor solutions to 80.

Vodafone will communicate all further improvements it makes to its network and is happy to receive suggestions from the public on where the network needs improvement. 



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