Vodafone Celebrates Sri Lankan Independence Day with Great International Calling Rates

3 February 2010:  Vodafone Qatar will offer reduced rates on international calling to Sri Lanka in honour of the nation's Independence Day, which is celebrated 4 February 2010.

The reduced calling rate to Sri Lanka will be available all day long and all evening (24hrs) on 4 February 2010.  In keeping with Vodafone's approach to pricing, this rate can be used by all Vodafone customers, to both fixed and mobile networks, and at any time.

"In 2009 Vodafone introduced the innovative practice of tailoring our rates to the countries our customers call the most," said Mike Button, Vodafone Qatar's Product Manager for International Calling Services.  "In 2010 we are taking this a step further by offering great rates at those special times when our customers could really benefit from them."

Vodafone created a splash in the market early this year with the reintroduction of its first international calling promotion.  At QR 0.50/min to all destinations across the globe, this promotion enables customers make international calls for the same price as a local call.

Shortly thereafter Vodafone expanded on this promotion by offering reduced rates to India and Bangladesh during a highly anticipated football match between the two countries.  Earlier this week, Vodafone also provided special rates to Egypt on the occasion of its victory at the African Cup.

"Vodafone Qatar is ‘customer obsessed', and that means we love to make our customers happy," said Vodafone CMO Michael Portz.  "The best way to do that is to keep thinking of new and different ways to bring them what they need."

"Our customers love these great offers," Button added.  "You can count on seeing a lot more of them throughout 2010."



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