Vodafone Appoints Abdulaziz Al-Mannai As Head Of Resourcing And Nationalisation


4 October, 2011: Vodafone has appointed Abdulaziz A.Rahman Al-Mannai as Head of Resourcing & Nationalisation. 

Al-Mannai was educated and trained in Vienna, Austria and comes with experience within a wide range of industries including automotive, electrical engineering, educational, and banking sectors focusing on human resource management. Previously, Abdulaziz has worked in companies such as Ford, Qatar University and Barwa Bank Group. 

"I'm delighted to welcome Abdulaziz Al Mannai to the HR Team and Vodafone Qatar. As someone that is passionate about the national vision and all related human resource matters, I am certain that Abdulaziz will be a key member of the team and business in general," said Jan Mottram, HR Director, Vodafone Qatar.

"I am delighted to have joined Vodafone and looking forward to recruiting and developing a great pool of talent," said Abdulaziz Al-Mannai.

"I can already see that the experience people will get with Vodafone and the opportunity to have exposure to international business practices will give an invaluable development opportunity which in turn will contribute to the achievement of the national vision" Al-Mannai continued.  

"I'm sure that by working together to develop a highly motivated Qatari workforce, this will help both local Qataris and expatriates be successful which in turn will deliver business success.  There are many changes happening in Qatar so we need to balance carefully modernisation that supports progress while staying true to the cultural identity of Qataris," Al-Mannai concluded.




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