Vodafone And Iloveqatar.Net Re-Launch New & Improved Ramadan Website Www.Ramadan-Kareem.Net

1 August 2011: For a second year in a row, Vodafone Qatar in partnership with iLoveQatar.net have launched a one of a kind website dedicated to all things Ramadan in Qatar at http://www.ramadan-kareem.net/.

The website has been designed to be beautiful, vibrant, easy to navigate and has some great features to help everyone in Qatar celebrate and appreciate the holy month of Ramadan. Most striking is the dynamic background of the website that changes depending on the time of the day, starting with a sunrise going through to sunset and ending with a twinkling night sky.

For those that want to access Ramadan-kareem.net on their mobiles, the site has a specialised mobile version, which has all of the features of the full site, and it's free for Vodafone customers to access on their phones.

New to the website this year are the Ramadan SMS packages that Vodafone customers can subscribe to receive daily prayers and verses from the Quran, audio clips, health tips and delicious recipes during the holy month of Ramadan.

Another great service that's been added to the website this year is recommended Ramadan applications for smart phones from Nokia, Android, BlackBerry and iPhone users to download to their phones. Apps include prayer timings, Qibla, and Athan alarm clocks.

Additionally, http://www.ramadan-kareem.net/ has made it easy to find out prayer times with a calendar that can be downloaded to your phone or desktop, free SMS notifications, and online daily prayer times 

As Ramadan is a time when many people meet up to be together and socialise, http://www.ramadan-kareem.net/ has a fantastic calendar of events that lists the places to go to for Iftar, Suhour, entertainment, and other fun activities. The list is updated on a daily basis and looks great on the mobile version of the site too.

"We wanted to bring Ramadan into the digital and always connected world, we wanted to enhance on what we had created last year and the natural evolution was to create a full-fledged mobile site. Ramadan-kareem.net lists all the ways to get prayer times, give people a chance to find out what's happening for iftar and suhour, and also provide a useful guide to Ramadan. It's our way of saying Ramadan Kareem to everyone in Qatar," said Khalifa Saleh Haroon, Head of Interactive at Vodafone Qatar.

For those that want to send their family and friends best wishes for Ramadan, the site also has digital Greeting cards that have been especially designed for Ramadan and include colourful lanterns and a silhouette of the canon. What's more, the beautiful images from the e-cards can be saved in MMS format so that users can transfer them to their mobile to send them by mobile.

And for those that want to learn more about Ramadan, http://www.ramadan-kareem.net/ also has a quick guide which includes tips on eating, drinking, smoking, dress code and special considerations.

Last but not least, http://www.ramadan-kareem.net/ has a list of all Vodafone's amazing offers and promotions that can be enjoyed during the holy month of Ramadan and beyond.




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