“The Vodafone Women In Qatar: The Inside Story” Book Goes On Sale

18 April, 2010: "The VODAFONE WOMEN IN QATAR: THE INSIDE STORY" went on sale yesterday at the I-Spy book shop in the City Center Mall.

To launch the sale of the book, a reading and signing event took place at the I-Spy book shop. Some of the writers were present to read passages from the book that range from the humorous to the profound, all of them reflecting a variety of perspectives as diverse as the contributors themselves.

The VODAFONE WOMEN IN QATAR: THE INSIDE STORY is a collection of essays and writing gathered from 36 Vodafone women employees or partners of employees on 23 different nationalities and published with the support of Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing.

All proceeds from the book will go to the "Writer's World" Fund at Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing, which will help other writers in Qatar to be published.

"We are so proud to see our book on sales at I- Spy and we thank Mouna Daraki, I Spy's Managing Director for giving us this exposure," said Luisa Gentile, Head of Vodafone Qatar's Corporate Social Responsibility and Project Manager of the book

"We would like to inspire other people to read and write. More so it gives us great pleasure to contribute to the Writer's Fund that will aide other writers to have their voices heard," continued Luisa Gentile.

Commenting on the sale of the book at I-Spy, Mouna Daraki, I-Spy's Managing Director said, "The book is a very good initiative and we're excited to be a retail location for the book. We hope it inspires others to take similar initiatives that encourage people in Qatar to read and write and to do something good for the society".

The book can be purchased for 60QAR at the I-Spy book shop, in all Vodafone retail stores and on Vodafone's online store at www.vodafone.com.qa.



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