Overwhelming success of Vodafone’s 2010 promotions

24 February 2010, Vodafone's 2010 promotions have been an overwhelming success. The wildly popular 2010offer includes amazing international calling rates, 2,010 free Vodafone minutes for domestic calls within the Vodafone network, and up to 300 MB of free Mobile Internet per month.

"Vodafone customers absolutely love our 2010 promotions. We will have more great offers in 2010 and will continue to bring great value and excitement to Qatar throughout the year and beyond," said Vodafone's CMO Michael Portz.

 "A great amount of new customers have joinedus recently. All of them love staying in touch with their families and friends across the world and in Qatar. To match the unexpected enormous demand from our customers, we are adding additional capacity and cell sites to our network every day. We are proud to already having full coverage in Qatar and are confident that we will soon have sufficient capacity at anytime, day and night, and throughout the country.", Portz added.

"Atany time of day our customers can enjoy fantastic rates for calling family, friends, and loved ones, and everyone in Qatar," said Jason Monteiro, Vodafone Qatar's Product Manager for Red, Freedom, and Flexi services.

"The free 2,010 Vodafone minutes remain valid until the end of the year, as long as customers load at least one Flexi per month. And every time customers load oneof Vodafone's Flexi plans they get even more free Vodafone minutes.

Without loading a Flexi plan every month, the remainder of the free 2,010 minutes willexpire 30 days after loading the last Flexi.", Monteiro added.

Vodafone introduced the "magical combination" of amazing rates for international calling, 2,010 Vodafone Minutes, and Free Mobile Internet in January as part ofthe company's celebration of 2010.

"We're absolutely thrilled to see how much our customers love our fantastic offers,"said Vodafone CEO Grahame Maher.  "We will continue to make a difference and to allow everyone in Qatar to keep closely connected to families and friends anywhere in the world."



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