Over 5000 Customers Sign Up For Vodafone Money Transfer

25 January 2011:  Since the launch of the innovative Vodafone Money Transfer service in November of 2010, more than 5000 customers have signed up for Vodafone Money Accounts.  Customers can load money into their Accounts to either send international remittances or simply purchase Vodafone services, like Red pre pay plans or Mobile Internet bundles.

"In just a short time, 5000 customers have reaped the benefits of Vodafone Money Transfer and Vodafone Money Accounts. Vodafone is proud to have made a world of difference to our customers. By offering them a new, safe and reliable way to send money to their loved ones at home, or simply reload their Red plans, we have made their lives so much easier," said John Tombleson, Acting CEO, Vodafone Qatar. 

Vodafone's international money transfer services have been used by Filipino customers to send money home quickly, securely, and conveniently. Customers can send money through  Vodafone Money Transfer to the G-Cash services in the Philippines offered by Globe Telecom.  These include G-Cash Mobile (receivers get the money directly on their G-Cash accounts) and G-Cash Remit with convenient pick-up points throughout the Philippines.   Money can also be sent to the Philippines directly to a bank account.

Vodafone Money Transfer fees are very competitive compared to the best exchange houses in Qatar.  It only costs QR12 for sending to G-Cash Mobile and QR15 for other international transactions.  In addition, Vodafone Money Transfer exchange rates are currently among the best rates in the market.  Plus, customers can check the rate directly via the Vodafone Money Transfer menu on their phones. 

"Vodafone Money Transfer is changing the way people in Qatar are managing their money.
From their mobile phone, Vodafone's customers can instantly send money back home - across the world! No more waiting in lines at exchange houses or spending money on taxis or buses to get there, Vodafone Money Transfer is easier, faster, and fees are much better, " said Michael Portz, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Qatar.

Vodafone Money Account users also benefit from being able to load Vodafone products, like Red pre pay plans or Mobile Internet bundles directly from their phone.  Furthermore, customers can also buy plans for other people using their Account.  For example, parents can purchase Red plans for their children immediately in case they run out of credit while away from home.

For more information on Vodafone Money Transfer and Vodafone Money Accounts, go to www.vodafone.com.qa/vmt



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