Mosaic Foundation Acknowledges Vodafone’s Innovation And Commitment To Support Al Johara’s Team Of Qatari Women

22 November 2011: Vodafone Qatar today hosted a project visit for 100 delegates of the Mosaic International Summit. The delegates met the team from Vodafone’s Al Johara Qatari women’s sales learn how they have made a difference in the community. Alison Bradley, Leader of Prince Charles Mosaic Foundation, was most impressed with the innovation and commitment shown by Vodafone in training and supporting this very successful team of Qatari women within their own communities. “Al Johara Channel has worked to create a model that will operate within the needs of the women in it. These women are working in a culturally traditional manner, learning skills and adding value to their family and their community with Vodafone Micro Business and their model is being used to show other countries how to support others to do the same,” said Alison Bradley. Al Johara is the first of its kind in Qatar and the region, consisting of a team of 21 Qatari women aged between 18 to 54 years that are learning, growing, earning and selling Vodafone’s products and services within their communities and traditions. “We’re delighted by the Mosaic International Summit visit and hope they have been inspired by Al Johara’s achievements,” said Susie Kelt, Al Johara Manager, Vodafone Qatar. “Vodafone is extremely proud of Al Johara’s success. I am personally so impressed with their tenacity and adaptability. The Al Johara women have all reached or exceeded their sales targets and many of them have already achieved personal goals and milestones they set when they joined Al Johara,” continued Susie Kelt. “I am very proud to be part of such a passionate and ambitious team. These women represent a great example to others, showing that there are no restrictions for an individual to be successful,” said Hayfaa Al Marri, Al Johara Team Manager, Vodafone Qatar. Mosaic was founded by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2007. Their mission is to create opportunities for young people of all backgrounds, championed by Muslims and harnessing the power of positive thinking. Mosaic holds a Summit each year for a powerful group of young leaders. These leaders come from 17 countries across the Muslim world and beyond. This year the Summit is being held in Doha, the first time the Summit is held in a Muslim country. -ENDS-


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