ictQatar Issues Fixed Line Licence To Vodafone Qatar

Doha, 01 May 2010:  ("Vodafone Qatar" or "The Company") announced today that ictQATAR has issued the Second Public Fixed Networks and Services Licence ("Second Fixed Licence") to Vodafone Qatar. The issuing of the Second Fixed Licence is contingent on Vodafone Qatar completing the change to its Articles of Association within the next three months. Once the change is approved, Vodafone Qatar will pay the licence fee of QAR 10 million.

The terms of Vodafone Qatar's fixed line licence initially include 100% coverage of The Pearl development; broadband internet services must be provided within three months and fixed line voice services must be provided within twelve months.

The fixed license contains further obligations to provide 100% coverage in the rest of Qatar. Vodafone Qatar is working with ictQATAR and Qtel to use the proposed National Broadband Network to provide these services.

"We are delighted to have been granted the fixed licence," said Vodafone Qatar's CEO, Grahame Maher.

"We look forward to providing residents and businesses in Qatar with the full range of Vodafone Qatar's products and services" Grahame Maher continued



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