Help us build our network - Join Vodafone’s promotion “The 1st 1000”

Doha, 03 February, 2009: Vodafone is looking forward to turn on its network on 01/03/09 and is happy to announce that during March “The 1st 1000” customers are welcome to join to help Vodafone build its network.

“The 1st 1000” customers will give feedback via Vodafone’s website, call center, and SMS. Feedback will be used to further improve network and services for the benefit of all future customers of Vodafone.

For 70 QAR “The 1st 1000” will get 700 QAR worth of value for national calling and SMS. Calls will be charged at 55 Dhs per minute and SMS at 40 Dhs. The product will be active for 2 months from the moment they join Vodafone.

To participate, customers can apply from 15th of February on
A valid credit card is required for registration and payment by the chosen “1st 1000”.

Out of all applications, “The 1st 1000” will be selected to represent geography, nationality, age, and gender of all people in Qatar.

Vodafone will pro-actively communicate with “the 1st 1000” during the 2 months. For the first time ever, a communications company will share everything they do in the design and building phase of their network and services. Vodafone will give “The 1st 1000” frequent updates about new cell sites, new products, new services and improvements made as a result of their feedback.

““The 1st 1000” will have a key role in helping Vodafone design and build services that will “Make a world of difference for the people in Qatar”,” said Grahame Maher, CEO of Vodafone Qatar.

““The 1st 1000”  are the ultimate customer panel and we want their feedback and assistance, including confirming where are the gaps in our coverage that we need to fill, feedback on our products and services ” he continued.


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