Everyone in Qatar can now join Vodafone

Doha, 06 July, 2009: Vodafone Qatar announced today that everyone in Qatar can join Vodafone from 07/07/09.  Vodafone Qatar's first store opens online at www.vodafone.com.qa. Joining Vodafone online is easy, safe and convenient - all from the comfort of home without queuing and waiting.

"The Vodafone team is very proud and excited that everyone in Qatar can now jump into the exciting new world of Vodafone. People in Qatar finally have the freedom to choose. Vodafone is offering fantastic value to customers and joining us is easy and convenient.  A big and warm Welcome to all our customers who are now choosing to join us!" said Grahame Maher, CEO, Vodafone Qatar.

Customers have been eagerly waiting for the details about when and how they can join Vodafone Qatar. The great news was revealed today and customers will be amazed by Vodafone's offering which includes Flexi, Freedom, Numbers, and Welcome Pack.

"With Vodafone Flexi customers will always get much more than they paid for. Every Flexi plan is packed with bonus value and loads of free Vodafone minutes. Vodafone's customers will get up to 68% more with Flexi," said Michael Portz, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Qatar.

Flexi can be used for all local and international calling, SMS, Roaming and Mobile Internet. Customers will pay one single rate for local calls and one single rate for international calls. Vodafone has made it that simple for customers.

Freedom is the new monthly way to pay for Vodafone's plans and products. With Freedom customers are always connected and have total control over their spending. A Freedom account is very easy to setup and gets paid automatically from a customer's credit card or bank account.

And that's not all, when customers join Vodafone they can pick any available number from the entire Vodafone number range, including the very exclusive Star Numbers.

To celebrate the opening of its online store, Vodafone is running the "1st Online" promotion. For a limited time, customers who join in Vodafone's online store can reserve their own "My Number" for free and save the QR500 reservation fee. Alternatively, customers can use the QR500 towards the cost of reserving a Star number.  

When a customer joins Vodafone, they will receive a welcome pack which includes everything required to get started. The customer simply inserts their new SIM card into their handset and can immediately start talking. Home delivery of the Welcome Pack will be for free during the 1st Online promotion.

Vodafone will soon be making many more exciting announcements about opening retails stores and about other upcoming exciting services.



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