December Roaming Charges From Some Networks Delayed, says Vodafone

26 January 2010:  Mobile phone users who roam in certain networks might not always see the charges reflected in their account balance immediately, mobile operator Vodafone Qatar reported today.  This announcement came in response to a reported increase in travel abroad by Vodafone customers during the month of December.

Calls made on Vodafone's network in Qatar are reflected in a customer's account balance instantly, and customers can check their balance at any time by dialling *129# from their mobile phone.  While roaming abroad, some foreign operators send the charges back to Vodafone with delay. Last month, Vodafone Qatar faced larger delays than usual, which in some cases may result in delayed charging for roaming services.

"On Red, all of your calls are automatically deducted from your balance, while Freedom gives you more flexibility and a wide selection of roaming destinations," said Mike Button, Vodafone Qatar's Product Manager for Roaming Services.  

"While most networks charge Freedom customers in real time, however, on other networks there may be a delay," Button adds.  "This means it may be a few days before your account reflects the calls you've made while roaming."  Vodafone Qatar's General Terms and Conditions allow up to 30 days for all delayed charges to be applied to a customer's account.

"We are currently contacting any customers who might be affected by the delayed roaming charges," added Manlio Garcia Contreras, Manager of Vodafone Qatar's Call Centre.  "In cases where we've given parties notice that payment is due and it hasn't been made, or in exceptional cases where we suspect fraud, we'll block roaming services.  This is a standard business process that shouldn't affect the typical customer."

Customers are encouraged to find out more about roaming by visiting Complete information about roaming with Vodafone Qatar can be found at  Any customers whose roaming services have been blocked can have these services promptly restored by visiting any Vodafone retail store, or by contacting Vodafone Qatar's Customer Care by dialling 111 from their mobile phone while in Qatar, or +974 700 7111 if calling from abroad.

"Our roaming service is composed of partner agreements with over 465 different mobile operators across the globe," added CEO Grahame Maher.  "To support our strategy of being ‘customer obsessed', we will be bringing more and more networks into real-time charging in 2010."



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