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  • Frequently asked questions
    • What is the Parking & Valet Privilege?

      As a Vodafone Business Red customer, you’ll get a discount (up to 100%) on valet and parking in major malls and entertainment venues in Qatar.

    • How does the Parking & Valet privilege work?

      When you subscribe to a Vodafone Business Red Plan, you will receive a Business Red card depending on which plan you subscribe to. Using your Business Red card, you will be able to enjoy valet service and parking at shopping malls and entertainment venues in Qatar. All you have to do is give you Business Red card to the designated staff at the location to enjoy the service.

    • Where is the Parking & Valet Privilege available?

      The Privilege is currently available in Landmark, Lagoona Mall, Katara Cultural Village (near Sukar Basha) The Pearl (from Parcel 1 to 17) Dar El Salam Mall and Ezdan Mall. However, in the future we will expand to many other locations. So stay tuned!  

    • Is there a limit for the Parking & Valet privilege?

      There is a fair usage policy of 50 parking per year which is on average 1 parking per week, every week for the entire year. 

      Once this limit is reached, Vodafone may disable the Parking & Valet Privilege at its own discretion.  Also, each card must only be used by the card-holder, and this means that each valet service can be provided once per hour, and can’t be shared amongst other users/cars.

    • Can I get the International Key with Business Red Plan?

      Yes. You can pay QR 75/month to add the International Key to your Business Red Plan and enjoy minutes to use for making international calls while you are in Qatar or to receive calls while roaming based on your Plan:

      • With Business Red M: you get 500 minutes 
      • With Business Red L: 1000 minutes
      • With Business Red XL: 1300 minutes
      • With Business Red VIP: 2000 minutes


      *These countries will no longer be included as part of plans that include “Free International Minutes” or "International Key": Cuba Bahamas, Barbados, Dominica, Dominican Republic, EastTimor, Gambia, Guam, Jamaica, Madagascar, Marshall, Nauru, Solomon, and Tuvalu