And is feature packed !



When you can’t take the call, let your mobile take a message.

  • Never worry about missing a call.
  • Listen to your Voicemail messages anytime by calling 121 - calls to Voicemail are free for you.
  • Greet callers with your own recorded personal greeting.
  • Free alerts via SMS when somebody leaves you a message.

How does it work?

  • It’s free.
  • Just dial ##002# to activate voicemail.
  • Simply record your own personal greeting and you’re ready to go.
  • Dial 121 from your mobile and your messages are played automatically.


New message notification You’ll receive a free SMS whenever there’s a new message on your Voicemail.
AutoPlay All new messages will be played automatically if you call 121 from your Vodafone mobile.
Call Return After you’ve listened to a new message you can call the person back by pressing ‘7’. If you want to go back and listen to other messages press ‘**’ (star-star) at anytime.
Personal greeting You can record a fully personalised greeting, use just your name, or a standard Vodafone greeting. To set up your greeting just call 121 and follow the menu options.
Save or delete messages You can save a message by pressing ‘6’ after you’ve listened to it. Your message will be saved for 30 days. To delete a message just press ‘5’ after listening to it.
Missed Call Notification In case you decide to switch off your Voicemail we’ll send you a free missed call notification to your mobile so you’ll know who’s been trying to get in touch.
Voicemail PIN To listen to your messages from another phone or from abroad, you need to set a four digit Voicemail PIN. Just dial 121 and press ‘3’ in the main menu to set this up.


Helpful numbers

  • Free call 121 from your Vodafone mobile to access your Voicemail.
  • Call 131 from any Vodafone mobile to access your Voicemail or directly leave a message for another Vodafone customer.
  • Free call 111 to get in touch with our Customer Care Team to set your Voicemail PIN number or change the language of your Voicemail.

Your Voicemail will always answer when you reject a call, can’t pick up, or if your mobile is switched off.

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