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Vodafone Broadband

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Superfast Broadband

Join today and Save 3 Months of plan fee with Vodafone Superfast Broadband! Now you can download a movie in less than 2 minutes or a music album in less than 12 seconds! Simply choose your plan and enjoy up to 100 Mbps with your Vodafone Superfast Broadband and Home Phone Bundle.

Check availability

* A fair usage policy applies. See the terms and conditions. ** Out of bundle usage will be charged per standard rates.

The speeds are guaranteed on a direct LAN connection with your router, as WiFi speeds are subject to external factors as well as the end user device capability.

How fast is your Broadband?

Speed Open a simple webpage (500kB) Open email with 5MB attachement Download a movie SD, 750 MB Download a movie HD, 1.5 GB Download a music album 200MB
10MBps 1 sec 8 sec 20 min 40 min 5 min
25MBps instant 2 sec 5 min 10 min 80 sec
50MBps instant instant 2 min 4 min 32 sec
100MBps instant instant 1 min 2 min 16 sec

Home Broadband at The Pearl Qatar

Subscribe now and get 3 Months of free Internet with Vodafone Home Broadband. Vodafone Home Broadband is now available in Pearl which means you can get speed up to 100 Mbps for the best value for money in Qatar. With Vodafone Home Broadband enjoy superfast internet with speeds up to 100 Mbps. Get your new connection today, and benefit from our exciting 3 months free offer.

The speeds are guaranteed on a direct LAN connection with your router, as WiFi speeds are subject to external factors as well as the end user device capability.

Choose speed

Subject to a minimum commitment of 3 months with full rental charges.
To join today and choose one of our exciting plans visit us at the Vodafone Store in The Pearl (14 Croisette, Unit 193, Next to Spinneys)
Plans Monthly payment The offer
10MBps QR200 -
25MBps QR300 3 months free
50MBps QR350 3 months free
100MBps QR450 3 months free

A fair usage policy applies. See the terms and conditions.

For your Home

With Vodafone Fixed Services, you can stream HD videos, listen to your favourite music, download large files or play your favourite games online with your friends, even while the kids are watching HD On Demand TV, or socializing online all at the same time.

Fibre Fixed Connectivity available

Currently available

Lusail City

The Pearl

Barwa City


Coming soon

Energy City

Musheireb Downtown

For your Business

Vodafone Fixed Connectivity opens up a wide range of entreprize services including smart application such as smart security, asset tracking and smart metering. These technologies of the future will help business to optimise, automate and innovate.

Sounds interesting?

Corporate Internet is optimised for performance. Our uncontended “one on one” guaranteed bandwidth ensures your applications can perform at their best, improving customer experience, productivity and profitability
Specified capacity is always available and not affected by other users or network customers
The Enterprise can send data to the internet as fast as it can receive it; good for file exchange and Web-facing businesses, content providers, order portals
We understand the internet is mission-critical, 24 x 7, so we offer a range of services to maximize availability including access fiber resilience and fully resilient options
With Corporate Internet you pay only for what you need, by adjusting your bandwidth, according to your business demands in less than 72 hours
Select the bandwidth needed based on traffic and performance required
You can monitor the performance of your network, on certain service parameters (Utilization, Throughput, Data in/out). Click here and login to view your reports
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