Music and Movies

The Digital Parents’ guide to digital entertainment

With international movie-streaming company Netflix announcing in January 2016 that its service will now be available in Qatar, there has never been a better time for Digital Parents to familiarise themselves with the world of digital entertainment that is available through the internet.

Streaming music and video means listening to or watching them on an internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. This may be done using legal services which are available in Qatar, like the ones listed below.

Unfortunately, there are sites which allow users access to illegal content as well. As Digital Parents, it is important to know what type of content – text, images, sounds – your children are able to see, and where they may be able to find it.

Some of the biggest legal music- and video-streaming companies in the world are:

- SoundCloud 

- Spotify 

- Apple Music 

- Google Play 

- Netflix

Unlike Netflix or Spotify, media-sharing websites like YouTube or Vimeo allow their users to upload their own content as well as to watch and listen. Although they have policies in place to stop it, these site do contain a mixture of legal and illegal content.

Legal content on a video-sharing site could be:

- Official music videos

- Movie trailers

- News and current affairs

- Homemade video

illegal content might include:

- Pirated music, TV shows and videos - illegally copied without permission

- Videos showing illegal activities such as drug use

- Violent or sexually explicit images

Actions Digital Parents can take:

Talk with your child about the things they are watching or listening to online

Agree that if your child is going to stream music or movies that you will be checking what they have been listening to or watching regularly. This might be by checking their browsing history or using services like Windows Family and the Vodafone Guardian App

Find out about the legal music and video services that are available and consider subscribing so that your family can access the music and movies they want to watch in a safe and secure way

Learn about the parental controls and safe search options on different browsers and services, and how to use them to keep your family safe

Share your experience with other Digital Parents among your family and friends – it may be you each have ideas and information that could help one another.