Love it or your money-back!

Switch to Vodafone’s network that won’t let you down- love it or your money-back!

Vodafone has been continuously making improvements on its network. Money Back Promise is our way of letting you know that we are so confident in our network that if you are not happy with Vodafone for any reason, you can claim your money back within 30 days of your Vodafone line activation.

How are you eligible?

You will be eligible to claim your money back if you fulfill the following requirements:

You are not an existing customer

You must hold a valid Qatari ID

You have not disconnected any previous Vodafone line on or after the 1st of December 2016

Either you switch your number to any Vodafone line or purchase a new Vodafone Postpaid line on or after 27 December 2016

How do you claim your money back?

If you are not happy with the service, return your new line within 30 days activation and you can get your money back in cash based on following rules:

- For your new Postpaid line, you are only eligible to claim back:

* Your plan’s monthly fee up to a maximum of QR 250

* Your Postpaid connection fee of QR 50

- For your switched number to Vodafone Prepaid, you are eligible to claim back the value of your first 3 recharges up to a maximum total value of QR 100

- You can only claim money back once on your Qatar ID

- You will have to make full payment of your bill and receive the cash back in 7 days from the date of your request to claim money back


*Terms and conditions apply

  • Frequently asked questions
    • What is the Money Back Promise offer?

      Vodafone has been continuously making improvements on its network over the past few months. This Offer is our way of letting you know that we are so confident in our network that if you are not satisfied with Vodafone for any reason, you will be entitled to claim back one month’s subscription fee up to the value of QR 250 (Two Hundred and fifty Qatari Riyals) within 30 days of activation.

    • Who is an eligible customer?

      The following are eligible Customers: 

      - do not have an active Vodafone mobile line;

      - are not a previous Vodafone customer with any active  mobile voice line  within 90 days prior of the line activation date;

      - do not have any outstanding dues owed to Vodafone whatsoever; 

      - have not ever previously availed of the Offer of Vodafone’s Money Back Promise offer; 

      - hold and present a valid Qatari ID or Commercial Registration;

      - the offer excludes customers joining the Leaders Postpaid Plan or any reimbursement customers of an SME. 

    • What is the eligible adjustment amount?

      - The Offer is limited to one month’s worth of postpaid subscription value up to a maximum value of QR 250 only. For any plans with a subscription fee higher than QR 250, only QR 250 will be entitled to be claimed and adjusted to the Eligible Customer’s bill. 

      - This Offer excludes all add on’s such as extras and any other additional benefits.

    • What is the offer duration?

      This is a limited time offer starting from 2nd of January 2017.

    • How do Eligible Customers claim their adjustment?

      - The Eligible Customer can contact their account manager or call 110 for adjustment request.

      - If the Eligible Customer requests disconnection before the bill is issued, the prorated amount will be adjusted accordingly dependent on the postpaid plans subscription fee up to a maximum of 250 QAR on the eligible Customer’s bill and the line will get disconnected.

      - If the Eligible Customer requests a disconnection within the 30 day period from the activation date on their mobile voice line which is after the first bill is issued, the prorated amount and the plan price up to a value of 250QAR will be adjusted on the Eligible Customer’s bill and the line will be disconnected in accordance with the Offer terms and conditions.

           How do enterprise companies eligible for the Offer claim any adjustments? 

      - If an enterprise customer entitled to the Offer disconnects all the lines for the whole account, it will be required to pay any outstanding balance if applicable before being entitled to any bill adjustment.  

      - If an enterprise customer requests to disconnect partial numbers that are eligible for the Offer, the adjustment will be made accordingly to the individual bill, E.g. Red VIP 1100-250 =QAR850 and disconnection will be immediate. 

    • What is the maximum number of mobile lines that a customer may activate under the Offer?

      - Up to 10 lines for a Company Post Paid account

      - One (1) line for each reimbursement Eligible Customer

      - An Eligible Customer is only permitted to avail of the Offer once. 

    • Do I need to pay to participate in the Offer?

      It is a free, one time only Offer subject to terms and conditions

    • I am an existing Vodafone customer; can I participate in the Offer?

      - Vodafone’s all new network is now faster than ever and provides coverage all across Qatar. The Offer is currently only available for customers who have never tried the Vodafone network before. 

      - In case you are facing any issues with our network, please speak to us and we will do our best to resolve them.

    • Who is not eligible to avail of the Offer?

      - All existing Vodafone Postpaid customers are not entitled to the Offer 

      - Customer who migrate from a Vodafone Postpaid plan to a Prepaid plan

      - Existing and new Home Broadband customers

      - Prepaid customers 

      - Customers who are already using any Vodafone mobile line

      - All existing & new Mobile Broadband customers

      - Customers who have availed of the Money Back Promise Offer previously 

      - Customers who do not hold a valid Qatari ID or CR

      - Must not have availed of the Offer previously

      - The inactive date of any existing line to be older than 90 days.

      - Customer must not have any outstanding dues 

    • Does an Eligible Customer have to report any issue to claim their adjustment?

      No, the customer will not have to report anything and they will be entitled to the adjustment as long as they meet all the requirements of the Offer. However Vodafone would be happy to receive your feedback.  

    • What if the 30 days from line activation have passed?

      The Offer is only applicable if you return the Vodafone mobile voice line within 30 days of your line activation date. After 30 days have passed, the standard Postpaid terms & conditions apply including the standard minimum service period requirements. 

    • If I claim my adjustment do I still have to pay the minimum service period charges?

      No, you will not have to pay the minimum service period charges provided you return your Vodafone voice line  within 30 days of activation and you meet all the Offer requirements,