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Mobile Internet

  • Why should I save the new internet settings?
    • On your phone model, you will be able to experience a better mobile internet connection with your new settings.
  • Why did I receive the message about changing the internet settings?
    • A few of our customers are using the old settings for the internet connection. To benefit from ongoing improvements and optimisations of Internet performance customers need new settings to access the internet.
  • What sites can I browse for free?
    • You can browse Facebook™, Twitter, Maktoob, Orkut and Friendster for free until midnight 21 March 2012 . Please note that you will be charged as usual when you follow external links away from these sites or view embedded external content (i.e. YouTube videos) during your browsing session. From 22 March 2012, The free sites will be:
  • What should I do if I already deleted the configuration message and need to update my settings?
    • Please call 111 to request new mobile internet settings to be resent to you via SMS.
  • What if I can’t access the Internet at all?
    • First, ensure that you still have credit available on your Mobile Internet Add-on, or on your Prepaid or Postpaid Plans (if you do not have a specific Mobile Internet Extra) Then please ensure that you have "Internet" settings configured on your phone. Otherwise there may be a system outage or a specific problem within our network. We will notify you if there is an issue. If the problem persists, please call our Customer Care Team on 800 7111 or 111 from your Vodafone mobile.

  • What if I can't save the configuration message?
    • Enter the updated setting into your phone manually or call 111 for additional help.
  • If I have a BlackBerry® Extra can I still browse the free sites for free?
    • No, because of the way BlackBerry® service works the usage for the above sites will be deducted from the data allowance provided with the BlackBerry® Extra. BlackBerry® Extras provide you great value with the Monthly Extra giving you 300MB of data usage for 1 Month.

  • How much does Mobile Internet cost?
    • As long as you have credit on your Prepaid or Postpaid Plans, browsing Facebook™, Twitter, Maktoob, Orkut and Friendster is free until midnight 21 March 2012. From 22 March 2012, data usage will be deducted from your bundle or charged at the regular rate of 0.55Dhs per MB. If you browse the internet a lot, then a Mobile Internet Extra will suit you best, as it comes with more value than our standard plans.

  • Can I configure my phone manually for Mobile Internet if my phone does not support the automatic reception of the settings?
    • Yes, please refer to your phone manual for instructions. Otherwise, you can use the following settings to setup your Mobile Internet access for most phones: - Connection type: Internet - Access point: - Authentication: Normal - Username Password: Not required - Proxy address: Not required - Port Number: Not required - Homepage URL: