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iPhone/iPad help

  • How do I Activate my iPhone?
    • Pop your Vodafone SIM card into your iPhone.
    • Connect your iPhone to the USB 2.0 port on your Mac or PC using the dock and cable that came with your iPhone.
    • Download and install the latest version of iTunes to your Mac or PC (
    • Your iPhone User Interface will open and your iPhone will be fully functional. All Home screen icons should be visible. This means you can now:
      • make and receive calls
      • send and receive SMS text messages
      • access data services and browse the web
      • leave and retrieve voicemail
  • How do I sync my iPhone with my Mac or PC?
    • Register your iPhone.
    • iTunes Store terms and conditions (Software Licence Agreement).
    • Create an iTunes account (you’ll need a credit card but won’t be charged until you make a purchase), or enter your iTunes account ID if you already have an account.
    • Set up your iPhone. Information on syncing your iPhone with your Mac or PC is available at or as an iPhone optimised web application designed for viewing on your iPhone (in multiple languages).
  • How do I set Web APN on my iPhone?

    To access Vodafone’s Mobile Internet services on your iPhone you’ll need to set up WEB APN.

    • Select the Settings menu.
    • Select the General menu.
    • Select the Network menu.
    • Select the Cellular Data menu.
    • Click on APN under Advanced.
    • Enter the Vodafone APN:
      • APN:
      • Username: none
      • Password: none
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  • How do I record a personal greeting?
    A standard pre-recorded message will greet your callers and confirm your phone number, but you may choose to replace this with a personalised greeting, which makes your callers much more likely to leave a message. An example of what to say would be "This is the Voicemail service for (your name). I am not able to take your call but please leave a message." To record a new greeting dial 121 and press 2 when you get to the main menu. Then:
    • If you would like to record a personal message as your greeting, just press 1 and follow the voice prompts.
    • If you would like to record just your name as your greeting, just press 2 and follow the voice prompts.
    • If you would like to use a standard Vodafone greeting, just press 3 and follow the voice prompts.
    Remember to press # to save your recorded message when you are done. You can change your greeting anytime and as often as you like.
  • How do I return a call?
    To return the call, simply press "7" at any time during the message playback. The cost of this call will vary depending on your price plan and the number you are calling.
  • When do calls divert to Voicemail?
    Calls will be diverted to Voicemail if:
    • your phone is switched off
    • you are outside network coverage
    • you are already engaged on another call
    • the network is busy
    • you have selected the Divert Immediate option.
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Vodafone Micro SIM

  • How do I get a Micro SIM?
    It's easy, when you purchase an iPhone 4 on Vodafone, we'll give you one for FREE.
  • Can I keep my existing number with a Micro SIM?
    Yes - if you are an existing Vodafone customer purchasing your iPhone 4 in a Vodafone Retail Store , we can swap your existing mobile number onto your new Micro SIM immediately for FREE.
    If you are new to Vodafone, you do not need to do anything. You will receive a Micro SIM with your iPhone 4.
  • What happens when you swap to a Micro SIM?
    Once you swap your mobile number onto your new Micro SIM, your standard SIM will be deactivated, so you won’t be able to use it again. Make sure you have your iPhone 4 and your new Micro SIM before you request your mobile number to be transferred. REMEMBER, to back up your contacts from your current SIM card. You can do this by: Connecting to iTunes if you are already an iPhone user Visiting any Vodafone store once you have your Micro SIM – we can copy your contacts from your old SIM to your Micro SIM.
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Mobile Number Portability

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