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Smart Packs

Get double the value with new Vodafone Prepaid Smart Packs

Smart Pack Vodafone
How to buy Price Service price at standard rate
Smart Pack 15 20 20 11 10 Dial*200*415# QR 15 QR 30
Smart Pack 40 60 60 30 30 Dial*200*440# QR 40 QR 88
Smart Pack 75 130 130 70 70 Dial*200*475# QR 75 QR 198
Smart Pack 130 280 280 130 200 Dial*200*4130#   QR 130 QR 402
Maximum Value* 1000 1000 500 1 GB      

* Maximum Value refers to the maximum value that can be accumulated in case you continuously purchase a Smart Pack within the validity period without using all the included value. For example, if you purchase a Smart Pack 40 and don't use any of the included international minutes, these minutes will be accumulated. As a result a maximum value is placed at 500 international minutes.

All Smart Packs and included value are valid for 30 days and is extended for another 30 days each time you buy another Smart Pack.

How to buy your Smart Pack

Simply dial the relevant code of the Smart Pack you would like and press the ‘call’ button. For example, to purchase a Smart Pack 15 dial *200*415# then press ‘call’.

The cost of your Smart Pack will be deducted from your Prepaid balance.