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How to read your bill

Your first Vodafone Postpaid Bill

No one likes surprises when it comes to paying bills. Your first Postpaid Bill from Vodafone may be a little higher than you'd expect. That's because you're paying an amount from the day you’ve joined Postpaid, and for next month's plan in advance.

To use the interactive bill, click on the bill page numbers below to see what is contained on the different pages of your bill. Hover over the numbers on the bill and it will display detailed information about that section of the bill. This can be found in the table titled 'In detail'. Click here to find out how your first bill is calculated.

Choose a bill page

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In detail


Account number

This is the number we use to identify your Postpaid account.


Your Bill number

This is the number of this specific bill.


Your Bill issue date

This is the date that your bill was generated.


Your address

This is the billing address you have provided us.


Bill period

This specifies the period of time covered by your bill.


This month

This section gives you an overview of your account charges for the current billing month, including your Plan fees and Extras, your local and Roaming charges.


Last month

This gives you an overview of last month’s bill. It includes any payments, adjustments and charges outstanding from previous months.


Total Amount to Pay

This is the total payable amount for this bill.


Available payment methods

This section shows you all payment options that are available to you.


Plan & Extras Summary

This section includes all the Plans and Extras on your Postpaid account. The date corresponding to each Plan or Extra represents the billing period for each of these services.
Please note, services that are not corresponding to a full billing month will only be partially charged.



This section includes all charges for usage that is exceeding your free Bundle (Plans, Extras and Bonuses)


Plan summary

This section shows you a summary of the list of services that are included in your Postpaid Plan and the total price you pay.


Your extras

This section will show you an overview of any of your free Bonuses and Extras you have selected this month.


Internet charges

This section will show any additional Internet usage not covered by your monthly plan.


Detailed summary of additional charges

This section shows you a detailed breakdown of all the additional services you used this month. These are specified by ‘type’ – that’s different types of calls, SMS, roaming by destination, called numbers, duration of calls, plus the total charge for each type.


Additional total charges

This is the total amount of the additional, out of bundle, charges used this month.