And is feature packed !

BlackBerry App world

BlackBerry App World is now here in Qatar! This means all BlackBerry users can now discover, download and enjoy using the wide range of mobile applications for their BlackBerry smartphone. Users can select from a variety of categories, including entertainment, games, Instant Messaging, social networking, news, weather, productivity and business.

  • What do I need to access BlackBerry App World?
    1.BlackBerry smartphones with a trackball, trackpad or touch screen running BlackBerry OS (device software) 4.6 or higher. 2.BlackBerry Internet Service from Vodafone You can also access BlackBerry App World via WiFi. However, if you have a BlackBerry service from Vodafone you can enjoy the benefits of App World everywhere there is coverage
  • How do I access BlackBerry App World?
    If you have a BlackBerry Torch (9800) or BlackBerry Bold (9780) running with OS 6, you will already have App World icon on your smartphone. It looks like below.
    If not you can download BlackBerry App World directly to your BlackBerry smartphone by visiting or
    Once you have this icon you will be taken through a sign up process where you will need to create your own BlackBerry ID by entering your email address and a password of your choice.
    Once you have done this you will have full access to Black Berry App World in Qatar!
  • Why do I need to create a BlackBerry ID?
    You need the BlackBerry ID to access some of the main features of App World. You will be prompted to enter your BlackBerry ID when downloading applications on to your BlackBerry smartphone.
  • What are the benefits of BlackBerry App World?
    BlackBerry App World provides applications for both your personal and business needs. It enables you to do more with your smartphone.
  • Are the applications in BlackBerry® App World free?

    There is a great selection of free and paid applications. Discovering and looking at what’s available is great fun as well!

  • How do I download a free application?
    When you select the application you want to download you will be prompted with a menu where you can click to download. You will be asked for your BlackBerry ID password before the download can begin. Before downloading you can also read a description about the application and see what other users have said about the application as well.
  • How do I purchase a paid application?
    When you select the application you want to purchase you will be prompted with a menu where you can click to purchase. You can then choose to pay by credit card or using paypal if you have an account with paypal. When you do this for the first time you will be asked to enter your credit card or paypal billing information. You only have to do this once. Then you can click Buy Now from the menu and the application will download on to your smartphone. You will also receive an email invoice from BlackBerry App World to the email address you used to create your BlackBerry ID.
  • When I download or purchase an App will I be charged for the data consumption?
    Yes, you will be charged for the data consumption for each BlackBerry App you download. However, the good news is that your BlackBerry service on Vodafone comes with all the email and internet data usage you need. This means you won’t have to pay any extra when you download your BlackBerry Apps. See for pricing information. If you are only connected to Wifi there will be no data consumption from your BlackBerry service, so it will be free of charge.
  • How do I delete an application after downloading or purchasing it?
    Select My World from the App World menu. You will then see all the apps you have downloaded. You then select the application you want to delete and select the delete option from the menu.
  • What should I do if I am having errors when trying to install or sign-up to BlackBerry App World?
    Please restart your BlackBerry by taking out the battery and putting it back in.
  • What do I do if I encounter any problems with an application you downloaded or purchased?
    With each of the application description there is an email address for the application developer. You can contact them via through the listed email address.


To contact the Customer Care Team call:

From your mobile

Toll free
800 7111

From abroad
+974 7700 7111