Always in control: Check your remaining account balance anytime, as well as remaining SMS, Minutes and Data

Activate or deactivate your extras and services directly through the My Vodafone App, no calls or Store visits needed!

Get customized daily offers just for you with Happy Offers right on the app.

View and pay your personal or any Vodafone monthly bill with a credit card

Easy, fast, secure recharge of credit and data

Get exclusive offers tailored for you

Live chat 24/7 with our agents for any issue

My Vodafone app gives you the ability the view all the details about your mobile line and much more!

You can manage your Vodafone line through the app directly- password free:

  • Activate or Deactivate your Extras and Service *NEW*
  • Check out daily Happy Offers exclusively for you (Prepaid Customers) *NEW*
  • View your available balance of credit, calls, data and SMS.
  • Get information about your active products and their validity.
  • Pay and get informed about your monthly mobile and fixed bill, the payment date and other important information such as the unbilled amount.
  • Retrieve and pay any other Vodafone mobile and fixed bill.
  • Recharge credit and data bundles.
  • Get notifications when your monthly bill is available or when you're running low on credit.
  • Access exclusive offers and promotions only through My Vodafone App.
  • Live chat with our Customer Care agents.
  • View your personalized Inbox.
  • FAQs
    • What is My Vodafone App?

      My Vodafone App is a mobile application launched by Vodafone Qatar. It is available for Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones bringing great features and giving more control to customers to check their balance, usage, offers, pay and recharge, network information and chat with customer care! With the My Vodafone App, managing your Mobile account is just a few taps away!

    • How do I install My Vodafone App?

      If you have an Android or iOS device just visit the following link to install My Vodafone App: for free

    • What can I do with My Vodafone App?

      You can do a lot of exciting things with the My Vodafone App such as:

      - Check and control your balance
      - Check your data, calls and SMS features
      - Pay your bill (mobile and fixed lines)
      - Pay your friends and family’s bill (mobile and fixed lines)
      - Recharge with data and credit (available for all Prepaid customers)
      - Get Exclusive offers
      - Review Help and FAQ
      - Obtain Network information
      - Live chat with our customer care specialists 24/7

    • Who can use My Vodafone App?

      Anyone who has an Android or iOS device can download and use the My Vodafone App. You don’t have to be a Vodafone customer, however, you will be able to see additional functionality and access additional functions only if used through your Vodafone number such as knowing your account details if you plug in Vodafone Qatar SIM.

    • I’m an Enterprise Vodafone customer. Can I use the My Vodafone App?

      Yes, you can use My Vodafone App but based on your plan and access level set by your Company

    • Is My Vodafone App free of charge?

      Standard Data charges apply while downloading and using My Vodafone App

    • I’m a non-Vodafone customer. Can I use My Vodafone app?

      Yes you can! You can access a lot of features even without being a Vodafone Qatar customer such as Paying a Bill, Recharging a Vodafone number, viewing offers and chatting with our teams.

    • How will I understand that I have logged in My Vodafone App?

      You can see your line type (Prepaid or Postpaid) along with your number!

    • Which Credit Cards are supported?

      We accept majority of all the credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa. However, for security purpose we don’t accept some credit cards issued by certain countries.

    • Will Vodafone store my Credit Cards details?

      No, Vodafone Qatar or My Vodafone App does not store any of your credit card details. The entire payment process of Bill Payment and Recharge are done through the Bank.

    • Why is My Vodafone App crashing? What can I do?

      Try to uninstall My Vodafone App and then re-install it. If the problem still persists please send us the details via chat or email and include the following information - Handset name and model, OS version and the time when the App crashed.

    • Why am I getting an error when logging in to the app when roaming?

      You need to disable your WiFi and use data connection to login. Standard roaming data charges will apply.

    • Why am I getting an error asking to disconnect from WiFi and connect to a Vodafone Qatar network?

      For security reasons, after using My Vodafone App for a certain time period you will need to re-authenticate by connecting to the Vodafone Qatar 3G/4G network. You must disconnect from WiFi in order to be able to re-authenticate.

    • What is “My Balance” page?

      “My Balance” page is the summary of  your calling minutes, data, roaming minutes, SMS  etc. currently left in your Vodafone Qatar number.

    • Recharge Credit and Data


      1. What types of recharges are supported in the My Vodafone App?

      You can recharge Credit and Data which are applicable to your plan.


      2. Can I recharge any Vodafone number?

      You can recharge Vodafone numbers that are eligible to receive a recharge.


      3. I recharged credit through the My Vodafone App, but I didn’t receive the credit. What shall I do?

      The Credit/ Data recharge should reflect immediately. If not please retry after couple of minutes. If it is not updated, please contact us with the reference number which is automatically generated and visible on the page.


      4. Although I recharged data through the My Vodafone App, I don’t see it in Home or My Balance.

      The Credit/ Data recharge should reflect immediately. If it is not updated please contact us with the reference number.


      5. Can I recharge the line of another Vodafone Prepaid customer?

      Yes you can recharge any Vodafone Prepaid customer’s number through the My Vodafone App.  Just select the “Recharge Credit and Data” from the menu.


      6. I‘m a Postpaid customer. Can I recharge my number?

      If your plan allows recharge, then you can recharge through My Vodafone App.


      7. I’m a Postpaid customer; can I recharge another Prepaid number?

      Yes you can! Just select the “Recharge Credit and Data” from the menu.


      8. I’m an Enterprise customer. Can I use Recharge to add Credit or Data on my line?

      Yes you can, based on eligibility of your current Plan.


      9. I’m a new Vodafone customer. Why can’t I recharge my number?

      For new Vodafone Customers it may take some time to reflect your contact details in the system. Please contact us via chat or email with details.


      10. Why did my recharge fail?

      There are multiple reasons that a recharge can fail. Please check the response reason which should tell you why the recharge failed. If you are not satisfied, you can contact us via chat or email with details


    • My line is deactivated. Can I still use the app?

      You can use My Vodafone App even your line is deactivated. However, there will be no account details or custom offers.

    • If my line is barred. Can I still use My Vodafone App?

      Yes you can! Even better, you can know how much to pay and pay it through My Vodafone App on the spot.

    • How secure is to pay through the My Vodafone App?

       Vodafone shall reasonably ensure that all your details are secure and safe from malicious use.  

    • How can I deactivate Push Notifications?

      You can deactivate the Push notifications by:

      iOS users you need to go to Settings - Notifications. 

      Android (depending on your Handset and OS version) you will see Notifications option under Settings.

    • How can I deactivate Location Services?

      You can deactivate location services by:

      iOS just go to Settings - Privacy - Location Services and deactivate it.

      Android users you need go to Settings - Privacy - Location and disable it.