Mobile Broadband

Special offer! For QR 360 a month, all new and existing Vodafone Business Customers can enjoy unlimited* data. This offer is valid until 30 June 2015. Check out the new Mobile Broadband Unlimited Plan below.

Your business goes wherever you go... greater connectivity across Qatar

Greater connectivity across Qatar

We deliver our solutions over the best-in-class Vodafone 3G network, so that your business functions seamlessly and efficiently, all at speeds of up to 21Mbps without the need for a stationary Wi-Fihotspot or network cable.

By combining the right Mobile Broadband device with the best price plan from our extensive range,we can create the perfect Mobile Broadband solution for your business.

Step1. Choose your Mobile broadband device

Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB stick - Single User

✔ Offers Plug and Play functionality

✔ Up to 21 Mbps speed

✔ Supports VPN connectivity

✔ Windows and Mac compatible

Vodafone’s Mi-Fi-R205 - Up to 5 Users

✔ Up to 5 people to connect to the internet simultaneously using a single SIM card

✔ Ultra thin and artful industry design that responds to highest levels of portability

✔ No software required for connection

✔ Offers up to 4 hours of battery life

Vodafone Easy box –970b - Up to 32 Users

✔ Up to 32 people to connect to the internet simultaneously using a single SIM card

✔ No software required for connection

✔ Built in coverage

Step 2. Choose your plan

Plan Price per month you get
Mobile Broadband Regular  QR 100  7GB
Mobile Broadband Super  QR 200 15GB
Mobile Broadband Ultimate QR 300  25GB
Mobile Braodband Unlimited Limited time offer QR 360 Unlimited data*

*Fair usage policy applys with up to 100 GB. This offer is valid until 30 June 2015.

  • The value of each plan will be valid until the end of each Bill Cycle, and any unused value will be expired at the end of the Bill Cycle Date.
  • Once you consume the Internet value included in your Mobile Broadband plan you will be charged an Additional Data Access QR 0.10 / MB.
  • The Data usage is for local use only, for Roaming Data use charges are applied please check the rates on
  • Our Business Mobile Broadband Super plan is an exclusive plan for Vodafone Business customers - for only QR 300 per month, you will receive 15GB for local internet use.

Step 3. Set it up

To set up Vodafone Mobile Broadband please call Business Care on 110, or contact yourVodafone Account Manager