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Mobile Internet Packs

Choose from the Internet Packs below:

Below are all the Internet Packs available to Vodafone Qatar customers on Vodafone Prepaid and can be purchased as an Extra.

Pack Price Internet (MB)       
Vodafone minutes Validity Automatic Renewal How to activate
Internet Daily Pack 1 QR 1 10  MB  -

Till midnight 

the same day

Yes, on days when internet is used. Dial *100# or *200*302#
Internet Weekly Pack 6 QR 6 75 MBNew value
- 7 days Yes Dial *100# or *200*306#
Internet Weekly Pack 10
QR 10 150 MBNew value - 7 days Yes Dial *100# or *200*710#
Internet Plus 15  QR 15 250 MB  30 min  7 days Yes Dial *100# or *200*715#
Internet Plus 20
QR 20 750 MB  60 min  7 days Yes Dial *100# or *200*720#
Internet Monthly Pack 15 QR 15 60 MB  - 30 days Yes Dial *100# or *200*315#
Internet Monthly Pack 50 QR 50 1 GB - 30 days No Recharge online now
Internet Monthly Pack 100 QR 100 6 GB
- 30 days No Recharge online now
Internet Monthly Pack 100 Recurring QR 100

 6 GB

- 30 days Yes Visit a Store or Call 111.
Internet Monthly Pack 200 QR 200

12 GB

- 60 days No Recharge online now

Internet Packs are for local use only.

If you only use mobile internet occasionally and don’t want to buy an Internet Pack, you can still browse the web at an amazingly low ongoing rate of just 55Dhs per MB. With no set-up fee and no fixed-term contract, you know you’re always getting great value on Vodafone.

How to buy Internet Packs?

New customers

Are you a new Prepaid customer and would like to buy one of our great Internet Packs then please follow the steps below:

  • Select a Prepaid Plan
  • Pick your number
  • Select the Internet Pack that suits you best
  • Choose a new handset or tablet (optional)
Already a customer?

Do you like flexibility? Then you can choose one of our flexible ‘One-off’ Internet Packs. If you enjoy convenience and use the internet more frequently, then choose one of our monthly Internet Packs, you can buy them online. Simply dial the relevant code of your Internet Pack and the amount will be directly deducted from your Prepaid balance.

How to unsubscribe from an automatic renewal Internet Pack

Dial one of the following numbers to unsubscribe from an automatic renewal Internet Pack.

*250*302# for the Internet Daily Pack 1

*250*306# for the Internet Weekly Pack 6 
*250*710# for the Internet Weekly Pack 10
*250*715# for the Internet Plus 15
*250*720# for the Internet Plus 20
*250*315# for the Internet Monthly Pack 15

  • You will lose any remaining MB’s when you unsubscribe from your Internet Pack.
  • To deactivate your Internet Monthly Pack 100 Recurring visit any Vodafone Retail Store or call us on 111 from your Vodafone mobile or 800 7111 from any other phone.