How to help your kids

Tools like parental controls are a great starting point for keeping your family safe on the internet. However, there are lots of other ways that Digital Parents can help their children to navigate the online world safely.

Follow the links below to discover our handy Vodafone AmanTECH ‘How to…’ guides which are packed with ideas and information to get you started.


How to help your kids...

understand internet safety

Our children may lead the way in terms of technology, but parents have the wisdom and experience to guide their families safely in the digital world.

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protect their reputation

The digital world has huge potential for good; however, it also has the potential to harm the reputation of our children and family. Digital Parents can offer wisdom born out of experience to help their children to protect their reputation and their future.

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deal with cyberbullying

The internet has opened up a potential new channel for bullies to hurt those around them. Vodafone AmanTECH’s guide is here to help parents to prevent bullying and support their children.

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keep a positive self-image

The digital world can bombard our children, telling them how they should look and act. Parents have a huge role to play in guarding their children from this

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share media safely

Photo and video sharing are central to social networking; find out how parents can help their children to do so safely and securely.

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stick to sensible limits

Finding a healthy balance between online and offline time is vital; establishing boundaries and setting a good example are great ways for parents.

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...use Apple devices safely

Tablets and parents’ smartphones are often the way that young children first encounter the online world. Find out how some simple tools can help you stay in control

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